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About Us


Quality Policy

TORQUE’s product come with the vital promise of Quality. For others, it is a concern, whereas for us, it is a tradition. Being held synonymous with highest level of excellence has not happened by chance but has evolved as a result of commitment, strategic planning and rigorous attention to detail. Our impeccable record of producing quality products has helped us to reach insurmountable heights due to our honest intentions in every aspect of the business. Adherence and strict compliance to cGMP as the basis of standardization and quality control, we have been able to successfully achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our motive to provide best quality medicines to mankind would have been incomplete without our taskforce which believes in the company’s vision and is completely dedicated to realizing that dream. Their technical competence has been an asset that, along with the company’s policies, enhances the work culture.

Constant innovation in the field of formulations makes them abundantly available while maintaining an affordable price range. In packaging design, the advancements are not just cosmetic, but utilitarian too, so as to keep the medicines safer for longer and to improve ease of dispensing.