TORQUE PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. has a network of facilities seeking to expand the company’s vision horizontally and vertically. The two pharmaceutical units are completely non-polluting and comply with environmental hazard norms. A Zero-pollution Company, TORQUE takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. Here is an overview of the units:


SNo.SectionOutput / Per Annum
1Tablets360 millions
2Capsule30 millions
3Ointment6 millions
4Dry Syrup6 millions
5Oral liquid25 millions
7Ampoules10 millions
8Eye/Ear Drops (Plastic Vials)6 millions
9Glass Vials6 millions
10Dry Injection5.5 millions


SNo.SectionOutput / Per Annum
1Liquid Bottles120 millions
2Ointment Tubes90 millions
3External Shampoo15 millions
4Tablets1500 millions
5Capsule750 millions
6Soft Gel Capsule375 millions


SNo.SectionOutput / Per Annum
1Jal Unit51.84 million units
2Soap Unit69.12 million units
3Ayurveda Unit28.80 million units (Both for Oral Liquid & External Oil)