torque founder



(5th Oct. 1951 to 18th Oct. 2022)

Quality is an indispensable pillar of our Success.

Steeped in the working of the Pharmaceutical industry, he has been the force behind the launch of Torque Pharmaceuticals in 1985 and the subsequent success. With a science background and marketing experience of eight years at Sarabhai Chemicals, he was all ready for the trials and tribulations of this line of work.

With due diligence and dedication, he initiated his dream to serve humanity through medicines that could be accessed by the masses. His vision and value system have guided the organization towards the availability of affordable medicines to humanity. He is a senior member of Himachal Drug Manufacturers Association and actively participates in meetings of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER).



Our Success Mantra: Hard work, Dedication, Discipline & Positivity

A Pharma professional by qualification, Mr. A.I.S Bedi joined hands with Mr. Chhatwal during the launch of TORQUE in 1985. A firm believer in the adage of leading by example, he is a growth partner in all respects. His expertise has helped helm the company. Going by the maxim ‘Keep Walking,’ he moves on, no matter what, and helps others do the same. Believing in responsibility delegation, Mr. Bedi, by implementing TORQUE’s vision, acts as the second pillar of TORQUE’s foundation. With tremendous leadership skills, he contributed to taking TORQUE to invincible heights. India has positioned itself as a worldwide manufacturing center for the pharmaceutical industry. Its principal strengths are low costs, in alliance with outstanding production quality by the availability of highly trained and qualified scientific staff. Our central goal is to serve humanity with affordable medicines and make our country excel globally in the medicinal field. 

Our organizational structure ensures sharp focus and accountability, leveraging our intrinsic abilities. We have been increasing our operation to create sustainable and ceaseless change and improve our procedures’ quality, so we abide by all the Standard Operating Processes. This is the work attitude of our organization.