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The company comes from the consumer, consisting of the new and old consumers. Obtaining a new contract is more expensive than maintaining old consumers who have proven their loyalty. Therefore, to acquire new consumers, the company should not ignore the old ones. In this context, it becomes essential how companies can manage consumer expectations & Behavior. Ethics is very different from over-the-counter drugs and other consumptive commodities. 

Why consumer satisfaction is considered very important for the Pharma company

For over-the-counter drugs or other consumptive commodities, consumers as Purchasers have the freedom to choose and buy the products they want. As for ethical drugs, consumers do not have the opportunity and right to determine the drug to be purchased and used. The choice of drugs is entirely within the doctor’s comfort, and the patient’s consumption entrusts entirely to the doctor. They consider the role and position of decisive doctors in purchasing and using ethical drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is very concerned with doctors, even making doctors a critical success.

Factors affecting Pharma Marketing

Interaction between doctors and pharmaceutical companies has consequences that are pretty important for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the wider community. The pharma manufacturing company has a Profit margin that is quite large, which causes them to have the opportunity to influence the doctor in his prescription. This influence can positively impact public health because the prescription he did use drugs from the company will likely cure the disease on a wide scale. The relationship of doctors with pharmaceutical companies can bring socio-economic consequences.

Introduction to medicine manufacturing company

Pfizer is a medicine manufacturing company engaged in discovering, developing, marketing, and manufacturing humans and animals. As for some products, famous ones are Lipitor, Viagra, Lyrics, Zeldox, and Aricept. Pfizer is well known for its three segments pharmaceuticals, animal health, and corporations. The pharmaceutical segment focused on human health, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, dense inflammation, allergies, etc. At the same time, the animal health segment focuses on medicines for farm animals and pets.

The degrees of importance of advertising

Each of these product attributes is for the consumer concerned. In this case, advertising can affect consumers’ expectations of a product. Third, the brand strength of a product can affect the consistency in product selection. 

Competition in pharmaceuticals

Pfizer faces stiff competition from its competitors. As their main competitors are Bayer AG, Brand & Co, and Novartis AG. capital markets, Pfizer leads industry pharmaceuticals compared to their competitors without the capital of $97.13 million. Pfizer is dedicated to helping society deal with the disease through research and development. Pfizer also can cooperate in a study to allow Pfizer to obtain potential data.

Building the Right structure will determine the success of pharmaceutical companies in utilizing digital tools.

From the survey results, it became clear that the tools and the sense of the challenges introduced differ between the group (smooth group) where digital marketing sales are progressing smoothly and the group that is not progressing smoothly (non-smooth group).

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