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With the declaration of a state of emergency in various regions, Digitalization has already become a common trend in the pharmaceutical industry. The future of pharmaceutical companies will change depending on what kind of possibilities we will find for digital use. Please check out the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Digitization has become the standard in the healthcare industry

In the future, businesses will develop and create organizations that use the “strengths” of each company!

It has already been more than a year since the novel coronavirus was discovered. At that time, the medical industry was also busy responding to rapid digitization, and there was a significant change that pharmaceutical companies could not conduct. In particular, top pharmaceutical companies in India with many medical institutions with a business have turned points to overcome the digital difficulties at this time of year.

Due to coronavirus, the digitization of the pharmaceutical industry has moved significantly. In July 2021, medicine surveyed for pharmaceutical companies to investigate the actual conditions and challenges of digital utilization in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. This article summarises the utilization status and issues of pharmaceutical companies’ tools from the survey results.

The use of digital & data of pharmaceutical companies

The pharmaceutical industry is adopting customer data management tools as information provision activities go online. The group is actively introducing ma tools and web detailing tools. The challenges of pharmaceutical companies in utilizing digital tools are “lack of human resources” and “lack of communication with the field.” The difference in the problem of tool utilization was clarified between the non-smooth group and the smooth group. The top digital tools we want to promote utilization in the future are “customer management tools.”

The company’s set of well-being suggests that relatively new digital tools such as chat, chatbots, and marketing automation tools may be introduced.

“Shortage of human resources who can master tools” and “lack of on-site entertainment and communication” were significant issues. There was a big difference in problem recognition between the smooth and non-smooth groups.

Summary of the survey on the use of digital & data of pharmaceutical companies

In response to recent trends of Digitalization In the Pharma Industry, medicine conducted an industry survey in July 2021. In the wake of the covid-19 epidemic, the digitalization push has driven the pharmaceutical industry to investigate the situation in digital use.

The pharma companies have announced that digital tools will be one of the central pillars of their business plans in the future. It seems that innovations involving various industries will be born. Companies will be required to successfully combine actual information provision activities with information provision activities using digital tools. It is urgent to introduce the tools for customer management and marketing automation necessary for web detailing and a system that can make the most of the tools.

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