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Medicines are made in different forms. You would have seen them. Tablets, syrups, inhalers, capsules. These are designed to be used up to their maximum potential. Before manufacturing the drug, it must be seen which part it will affect. And depending upon it, the structure of the medicine is decided. These are known as dosage forms. So, you may ask why there is a requirement for different forms of the dosage?

The drug you are using must reach the target site and show its effect correctly. Sometimes, it may so happen that it targets the internal organ located far away when you are taking medicine. Then the medicine you are consuming through the mouth will go from the digestive system. In this case, the medicine may get consumed before reaching the target site of action. 

Can you take supplements in capsule form?

Yes, you can take supplements in capsules as the supplements get digested through our system to reach the whole body. The oral route is selected. And capsule is a dosage form for the oral route of administration

These supplements can be of any type—dietary supplements like protein and fibers and nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals, etc. 

How is the capsule manufactured in the pharmaceutical industry?

The capsule contains two parts. One is the outer coating, and another is the internal medicine. The outer coating or the capsule’s oval covering is made using gelatine. When engulfed by a person, the medicine will be exposed to the digestive system. As gelatine dissolves in water, the coat will also disappear; hence, no residue will remain in the stomach. 

These are the steps involved in the preparation of gelatinous coating. 

The gelatinous solution is prepared by adding gelation to highly distilled water heated to about 60 – 70 degrees Celsius. In this water, the gelatine present is 30 – 40% w/w. In this solution, only the pigments are added to get the color. 

Molding into shape: after the above process, the solution is taken to make the coats. Two pins are dipped in the solution and kept for drying. These pins are smaller than the actual capsule, and the pins are rotated several times to get an even coating. 

The capsule coats are then dried and given shape according to the requirement. Extra length is deducted, and uneven surfaces are discarded if any. 

After trimming and discarding the excess materials, the capsules are filled with the essential medicine, and the two parts are joined, forming a closed capsule. Then the capsule is printed to get the identity of the drug used. These are the steps involved in manufacturing capsules in the industries. A pharmaceutical company is the primary capsule manufacturer in India in most regions. 

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